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The Importance of Partnership
Never has there been a more important time to realize that developers need to be investing in projects that are all-inclusive in their dedication to green-building, environmental protection and long-term solutions for communities.  For our Marina Resort Complex at Cape Crossing in Merritt Island, Florida, we chose a long neglected piece of land with old septic tanks and storm water runoff leaching into the waterway, among other problems.  We completely rehabilitated the property including the planting of mangroves, native grasses, the addition of a new osprey nesting tower, and more.  In Marathon Key, Florida, we built true affordable living communities with high quality construction elements, beautiful upgrades, handicap/sensory impaired units, computer center, job training programs, resident support, long-term sustainable "green property management," and received the highest possible Platinum certification rating by the Florida Green Building Coalition.
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We work with our partners to assure sustainable communities and true environmental protection.
Sherwood Construction
Reclaiming the past... solidifying the future
The principals at Tri-Star Development Partners bring a complete and diverse set of experience and skills to the real estate industry. We are not only developers but also real estate investors and contractors, as well. This makes for a powerful collaboration as projects have needs for financing, engineering, construction management and navigation of jurisdictional permits and approvals.

Comprehensive Services
Additionally, projects require strategic planning, marketing, administration and legal oversight. Our team delivers this comprehensive package of services. Plus, our professional advisors consist of an attorney with vast experience in real estate and investor relations and a CPA with proven skills to develop and guide financial strategies that mesh with investment legal strategies.

An Eye on Rebuilding for the Future
Tri-Star is also one of the few organizations that will work with severely distressed properties and re-direct them into becoming strong, performing assets. Projects can be distressed from a vast array of problems which may include: permitting, structural, environmental, marketing and more often than not, financing stresses. As investors, and managers of investments from others, Tri-Star has a unique capability to overcome hurdles and salvage projects to everyone’s benefit.

Project Diversity
Tri-Star seeks to find real estate opportunities of all kinds and to assist investment groups with their development projects. We are adept at providing our skills to whatever needs a project may have. Investors, owners, contractors and communities can feel confident that Tri-Star Development Partners will provide all the components necessary for a successful project.
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